Teacups In The Rain

Here Comes The Rain Again, Falling On My Head Like A Memory

Oh, and now it's raining and there's distant thunder and this is just so lovely...

I'm sitting here in the living room with the windows open and just letting the cool breeze drift in with the sounds of the rain and the thunder and UGH this is all so perfect.

I really did miss being home, there's a certain comfort here that I never achieved in Sudbury. I liked living alone but it wasn't the right space for me. Hopefully I can achieve it living elsewhere.

Today was a good day, introspective and inspirational. For the past little while I've been so excited for my future and what's ahead for me. I want to try and kindle this feeling, to nourish it so it'll survive. I have a long summer ahead of me, but I think it will be relaxing and fun.

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Put On Your Shades 'Cause I'll Be Dancing In The Flames

So, it's been awhile. Again.

In the past month or so plus that has passed, the following things have happened to me:

1. Old computer had a meltdown in the middle of me writing MY LAST ESSAY of my undergrad, had to go out and buy a new one
2. Bought the expensive, shiny computer that I didn't really need, but that I really wanted
4. Went to Ottawa to visit Jess and Caitlin for a week between exams
5. Had an epic misunderstanding that almost ruined my friendship with Jess (we're better now) but actually did ruin my friendship with Adam.
6. Have had things with the Professor GET REAL SO INTENSELY OMFG and they are progressing at a slow but awesome rate
7. Moved back to Barrie, started back at Zehrs
8. Got a spider bite on my foot that rapidly became infected, had to take time off from work almost immediately after I started again to spend some quality time in the ER
9. I think my immune system was compromised from the spiderfoot and so I came down with the plague a week later.
10. I went to see a talk by Bob Proctor (dude who was involved with Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Secret) and was inspired; plans to change my life are gonna be formulated this summer.

So, yeah, a lot of stuff has happened. Life is changing and shit.

A lot of these will require their own entry (especially the stuff involving the Professor, because holy shit holy shit holy shit) and luckily it's Victoria Day tomorrow so I will have it off and plan on getting a lot of stuff done then. I kind of shut down during exams and have refused to start back up since then. Hell, I only just transferred the contents of my iPod to this new computer today. But I think I've managed to recover from my exam stress and school burn out, and I've mostly gotten over the spiderfoot and the plague, so I should be ready for a new beginning.

It's an exciting time in my life, guys. I'm going to use this summer for a much needed breather, but things are going to pick up for me in 2013. I know it and it's happening and it's amazing. <3
Skipping, Girl in Red Skirt

Because I'm Beautiful (Drop Dead)

Ugh, I have so many things to update about but absolutely no attention span to do so. Let me see if I can keep my thoughts together for one small coherent entry.

Reasons why I am a baller:
1. I got pulled over for speeding for the first time in my life when I was driving back to Sudbury from Ottawa on Sunday night and totally talked my way out of a ticket
2. I went shopping at the Le Chateau outlet and got three fantastic dresses for the price of what one normally would cost
3. I went shopping at the Coach outlet when they were having a 50% off sale and got myself a wallet, a wristlet, and a clutch.

#1 is actually pretty hilarious because just the day before Dom (friend of Caitlin, who is Jess's roommate in Ottawa) had placed me into Slytherin when she was sorting those of us who were at dinner the one night. I took this as a rather large surprise because I've always usually considered myself a Ravenclaw - but I supposed I could give off the Slytherin vibe around her, because I always mercilessly make fun of Jess while we're there. But after I talked my way out of the speeding ticket I had to admit that I'm pretty much a Slytherin.

(I was doing something like a little over 100km/h in an 80, btw. I was slowing down, too. Just not quickly enough, apparently)

I've decided my main line when getting pulled over (it's only happened to me once before, calm down) is to show them the various documents that my Dad has stuffed in my manual and get them to show me what one they need. And when they do I go "Oh, you've done this before!" really cheerily and they laugh. It's a good line, guys.

And then he asked me why I was driving back to Sudbury instead of Barrie, since that's what's on my license, and I told him that I was finishing my degree and he asked what it was in and I said "this is actually really funny considering this situation, but Law and Justice..." and he asked me what I was going to do with that and I was like, "Oh well the plan was law school but I'm not so sure anymore...Kind of lost right now...We'll have to see!"

And then he told me that he was taking his degree in criminology and I was like, oh where are you getting that from? And he said Athabasca and I was like.....where is that? And he said Alberta and without even thinking I blurted out "SO WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" because seriously, if he's with the OPP why is he getting a degree from Alberta? And he looked at me strangely and said he was doing it online and I was like ohhhhhhhhhhh that makes sense, I thought you were commuting between provinces haha.

He also told me that some of my paperwork wasn't technically legal because you needed to have the back photocopied as well, or something? And I gave a big huge dramatic GASP and acted all concerned. But he totally didn't do anything about it, or didn't even warn me or anything. He was just letting me know and I was all like "Oh my god, thank-you so much for telling me, I would have never known!!"

Finally he was like, "So no outstanding warrants? No past warrants? Nothing like that on you?" and I laughed nervously and was all like, "Well I certainly hope not! It would be terrible if I had some intense criminal record and I didn't even know about it!" and he laughed too and was like, "Well have a good night, miss. Drive safely."


Well, I think he was pretty bored because it was late on a Sunday night in a very smallllll town. But still. HE PULLED ME OVER FOR SPEEDING AND THEN HE DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME TO SLOW DOWN, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLL. And I don't think it was because I was cute, because I was realllly sick that night and looked like death. So it was clearly my shining and devious personality that got me out of that jam. Either way, I'll take it.

So I might be a Slytherin after all. But again, if it prevents me from getting a ticket...It's all good.

With the other two, I was still feeling sick (terrible cold, ugh. Been killing my sinuses) and took myself on a pity shopping trip to the Cookstown Outlet Mall. I wanted new dresses to look pretty in for the Professor (In the last conversation we had together before Reading Week he said "You always look so good, you know?") and I wanted a new wallet. Normally I detest Coach because Barrie's 15 minutes away from this outlet mall so everyone tries to pass off their Coach products as being exclusive when...they're really, really not. So can I fit in with the highschoolers now that I have a Coach wristlet of my very own?! CAN I?! Mine are better looking, so that's all that matters. Plus there's no Coach outlet near Sudbury so I'll be super exclusive up in the frozen north.

So the conclusion of this entire entry is: Christine talks her way out of a speeding ticket, gains expensive material possessions that make her very happy. Most definitely a Slytherin. 
Omfg - Kermit


Got cockblocked again today, despite my best efforts.

Also got my period right after that.

Effffffffff youuuuuuuuu

Went to the convenience store next door and bought two Vitamin Waters, two Cokes, a large package of Peanut Butter Cups and a Mint Aero bar. The chick must have thought I was strung out because I was in my hugeass sweatpants and a huge sweater but I straight up gave no fucks. Real talk, my thighs are dying from these cramps.

Withdrawing from life right now, tbh. Gonna eat some motherfucking chocolate.
Cold - Liz Lemon

Ho Hum, Diddly Dum

Yesterday was a snow day because apparently Sudbury was a hot ass mess. It had snowed crazily on the Monday and then that all turned into freezing rain on the Tuesday night. All the highways coming into the city were closed, with a lot of main streets in town shut down as well. Buses were canceled and the OPP were telling people to not leave their houses because it would be too dangerous. Campus didn't close down until 1pm though, lol, and apparently that's only because the police told them to.

They told people not to leave their houses and to be extra safe, I decided not to leave my bed. Because you never know what could happen.

It was a welcome break after Tuesday where I spent the entire day just being...listlessly depressed. I think my body was shutting down on me. I didn't sleep well the night before (I could hear Mia arguing with Walheed in the next room and at 2:30am the fire alarm went off twice.) I was already tired and emotionally drained from my seminar the day before. I just sat with my head on Emma's shoulder for the duration of our Forensic Psych class and when Jessica asked me how my day was going I went, "I feel like I'm going to cry."

I decided not to go to my afternoon Neff class since I knew I wouldn't be able to pay attention to her and I didn't feel like bursting into tears in the middle of a lecture would be any good for my reputation. I rolled my ankle as I trudged up the bigass hill to get to the parking lot and I drove home as the freezing rain began to start.

And then when I got on rez the water stopped working and didn't work for the rest of the night. Grand.

So the snowday was a much needed break and Neff pushed back our presentations which means that I'm no longer going next week but rather the week after. This means that my essay on the topic will be due after reading week, hurrah! This takes an entire load of stress off of my back and I can actually spend my weekend doing some other things than just suffering under readings. The prospect of spending two consecutive weekends working on presentations was soul crushing.

I did a whole lot of nothing yesterday so today I'm trying to get into the swing of things - I have all my readings for the weekend printed out and I bought the fictional book that our Psych prof wrote and assigned to our class. He has the worst writing style in the world; it goes to show that a ph.d means nothing when it comes to creative talent.

Sigh. An hour and fifteen minutes until next class. Blah.
Working, Legal Hard Work, Attornies at Work

The SCC Can Suck It

Oh my word.

So I'm doing this three hour long seminar on self-defence law...And mostly it's going fine. April and I are almost exactly alike in terms of working so we've split everything up equally, are doing our research separately, and then we're coming together periodically to compare notes, make sure there's no overlap, and continuing on. She's doing the Powerpoint, which is fantastic because I am of the opinion that it's the Devil's program, and I'm doing the game.

The problem is the actual law itself.

Collapse )

So there's a summary of current Canadian self-defence law, which was actually pretty helpful to me to get that all out there. I need to present this in a somewhat coherent way on Monday and I don't think I can stand up there and be like "Sooooo...we all know how the Supreme Court likes to fuck shit up, right?" Although that would be awesome.

Lolololol made a tag dedicated to my grudge match against Beverley McLachlin...If I ever meet that woman on the street, we're gonna fight.

You're All I Wanna Do, I Only Wanna Dance With You

Apparently my mind recently has been obsessed with celebrities because last night I had a dream where I went to a party for Emma's highschool, and Ryan Gosling was there. AND HE WAS SO INTO ME.

Like I didn't know anyone, but I vaguely knew him because we went to the same school for a year? But never really talked to each other. Anyways Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey was there, and apparently went to school with him and Emma, so she introduced us. 

And we totally hit it off! Like we were just talking and laughing and chatting and kind of ignoring Emma, who was really amused with the entire thing. I asked him if he could teach me how to dance like they did in Gangster Squad (which I ironically dragged Emma to see last weekend, because Ryan Gosling in an old time suit and a fedora, unf) and he enthusiastically agreed. So he was twirling me around in the kind of dancing that I love, jokingly stole my necklace and wore it. I was having the time of my life.

Unfortunately Michelle Dockery had wanted Ryan Gosling for herself and didn't think he would like me at all when she introduced us, so she came up and told Ryan Gosling that they wanted him at another party and he needed to go. He looked really disappointed and didn't want to leave, but eventually did. I remember trying not to show that I was disappointed and show how happy I was that he was into me. I tried to play it off as "oh that's too bad, I had fun" so Michelle Dockery couldn't use it against me.

So yeah, aside from MDocks trying to cockblock me, it was a pretty fantastic dream. I woke up just being so pumped that RYAN GOSLING WAS INTO ME BWA HA. Only celebrity remotely close to my age that I fangirl over. I think the dream is a result of my recent body pride, because I've been noticing some results from my exercising and trying to eat clean. That's a discussion for another post though, I think.

If my subconscious wants to keep on throwing these feel-good romantic celebrity filled dreams at me...By all means, go ahead.
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The World's Gonna Know Your Name

I had a dream last night where I was married to Bradley Cooper.

I can't tell if I was actually married to him or who I think is his character in Silver Lining Playbook, which I haven't even seen, so maybe it was just a made up character played by him in my mind. Anyways we got married on a complete whim because we wanted to buy the house that my cousin lived in with her old ex-husband. Neither of them were around, but their stuff was, so when we moved in after our wedding we were trying to clean up and move things around so we could be comfortable.

I was nervous because I hadn't told him that I was a virgin, which I can't imagine how we got married without discussing that, but there you go. At one point we were trying to move stuff off the bed and he looked at me and went, "Are you regretting marrying me?" because he could sense my nerves. But I just said "I just can't believe we actually did this, it's crazy" and he smiled and kissed me.

I just remember being nervous but excited, because I knew the life we were going to make together was going to be good, and I knew that he would take care of me and go at the pace that I was comfortable with. It was a good feeling and that's how I woke up and felt the need to write about it.

Unfortunately it's made me terribly wistful, which is not a good mood to start out my day and go to the gym with. But alas. Maybe I should head to Hollywood and track down Bradley Cooper, since apparently I'd be comfortable with him.
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Time To Celebrate


Today in our Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice Theory class I cornered Langer after my friend Emma was done her presentation and was like, "LANGER. YOU PUT ME WITH BOB? DID I DO SOMETHING TO OFFEND YOU? WHYYYYY" And she was fairly sympathetic, having not known about Bob's reputation. And I thought that was the end of it.

But it turns out that she was thinking about shuffling some groups because people weren't showing up and probably dropped the class, so I received an email just now saying that she moved some people around...And now I am going with April, a girl who is basically exactly like me in terms of work ethic, instead.


I mean granted, I now have to present in two weeks from now instead of on the last day of classes, but still.


Ugh, for a seminar worth 30% of my grade I am SO RELIEVED. April's totally on top of things and she's a good worker so I am very, very pleased with this change of things. Langer must love me or something to do this. I expected her to add a third person to our group, because that's what she had been saying when I talked to her, but this is amazing. Thank god for professors who actually care enough to do something like this.

Beauty and Beast - Howl and Sophie

This Is My Face, Covered With Freckles With The Occasional Spot And Sun Vein

I ended up taking myself out on an hour long walk, and considering that it's like a balmy 10 degrees up here I was able to only wear my trench coat and enjoyed my leisurely stroll in the sun as I explored the downtown area. I scoped out some cafes where I can possibly sit and do some homework later, so that was good. Went into the local comic store and browsed. I feel better as well so that's an added bonus.

Ended up getting myself a pita for dinner and bought some Special K cracker chips, since I'm craving salt. Keeping the unhealthy choices to a minimum, rather proud of myself.

I think that I'm going to watch Howl's Moving Castle and clean my room for a bit before eating my dinner. Maybe do some homework later. I texted Emma to see how she's coming along with her seminar and we might go to the movies tomorrow together so she can have a study break from the insanity. Sounds good.

Kind of interesting how my day managed to turn itself around.
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